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The timeless and no-fuss “Bright LED Puck handrail lighting” system.

Small and concealed yet offering powerful illumination offering, absolute best combination of engineering functionality as well as being extremely stylish and seamless, adding an element of form to its surrounding environment. The LED lighting system was specifically developed for flush-mounted integration into the profile bottom of handrails.

These lights can also be retrofitted to any existing metal handrail.

All wiring is done internally through the handrail itself and/or through the posts.

All wiring hidden through the handrail ends, brackets, posts and/or through the wall.

Standard light spacing at 1m apart but can be customised to your specification up to 300mm apart or so.

These lights are designed to obtain illumination with an exceptionally high degree of uniformity and minimal glare or light spill and are also tamperproof requiring special tooling and skills to install/un-install.

Brilliant engineering, premium materials, and solid design principles give Bright LED handrails a maximum light output of up to 180 lumens, and impressive luminous efficiency of over 120 lumens/watts.

It is light where you need it, and none where you don't.

Because of individually arranged LED units, the variable system can be used both with straight lines and all radiused curves.

Offered in both straight and curved applications as all manufacturing is done entirely in our purpose built Australian facility:

These handrails can be designed for either indoor or outdoor use in in several variations of handrails from:

  1. Base material selections of Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Brass finished metal
  2. Surface finishes - Stainless steel in a brushed finish, satin finish, and mirror finish.

Aluminium in powder-coated finish with an unlimited variation of colours available or anodized finish.

Galvanised steel in MIO finish, galvanised, painted or power coated finishes.

  1. Handrail profiles - Round, rectangular, square or oval etc.
  2. Diameter/sections of the handrails can range from 32mm, 38mm, and 50mm and over
  3. Light controls - Switch connected, timer connected, low light detection sensors and even a combination


As everything is custom and bespoke designed and fabricating, almost anything your imagination can dream can be created.

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